Sandy Escobar


Sandy Escobar has a degree in visual art from NSCAD University and a MSc.OT degree from Dalhousie. She has worked on a number of community art, anatomical illustration, art, mental health, and disability support initiatives. Sandy has worked on a number of community projects such as murals, a magazine for and with the local mental health community, and a variety of self organized arts for improved mental health workshops. She has additionally worked at placements in acute care, nursing homes, and supportive housing facilities helping individuals obtain the adaptive equipment they need. Sandy is currently creating functional anatomy illustrations for a book, and is licensed to practice occupational therapy in Ontario and Nova Scotia. Sandy's research on trans clients experiences in healthcare was presented at a national Occupational therapy conference (the COAT conference of 2017). She is interested in creating accessible, inclusive spaces in healthcare, communities, and people's homes. Sandy is also a fan of long, deep conversations, terrible jokes, and sushi burritos.


BFA in Visual Art

NSCAD University, Nova Scotia

MSc.OT Occupational Therapy

Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS